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Alexa Autosurf Software

Below you will see a screenshot of our popular UpMyRank.com software.  The numbers on the screen shot represent areas on the software that will most be used by our members. 

You must be connected to the internet before starting the software, for the software to function.  

1. Enter the username and password combination you used when signing up for the UpMyRank.com system. 

2. Select your Ad View method.  

  • Hide - This will display members websites in a minimized window which will appear in your taskbar.
  • Show - This will display members websites in a regular pop window which will appear on your screen.
  • Stealth - This will display members websites in a hidden window.  This window runs in the background and does not appear in the screen or taskbar.  

Regardless of the Ad View method Alexa will count each the same.  However if you run the software in stealth mode, the credits you accumulate while in this mode, will only show your site in stealth mode.  

It is important to note that this software should be run only to increase your Alexa ranking.  This traffic is not intended to generate sales or leads for your business. 

3. Side Menu.

  • Upon starting the software, this menu will load news and other information from the UpMyRank.com server. 
  • When you log into the software, your stats area will now appear in this window. 
:: Notice :: This software is protected under US and International copyright laws.  Any attempt to reproduce or alter the software in any way, may lead to prosecution and civil penalties.  Any attempt to access our traffic exchange service other than through the strict and unaltered use of this software will result in the immediate termination of your account including any due credits and or downline referrals.  In addition your website will be banned from ever being able to use this service again.  We have established proprietary and patented methods of detecting fraud in our system, and any infraction will be dealt with swiftly.

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